A licensed mental health counselor, licensed professional counselor, entrepreneur, advocate, and motivational speaker, Amanda Ready works to inspire, motivate, and equip others to empower and heal themselves. She offers mental health wellness, educational support, and job training stateside and globally through her private practice and nonprofit work.

In addition to Ready Therapy Practice, she has founded two nonprofits: Ready to Empower, a US-based foundation, and Árbol de Esperanza, a Costa Rica–based association that provides support to at-risk women. Ready donates a portion of this practice’s proceeds to helping others in need access mental health support.

When You Get Therapy,
You Help Give Therapy To Others!

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At her practice’s two locations, Ready works with adults, families, couples, college students, and adolescents. She helps equip her clients to empower and heal themselves using a variety of mindfulness, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching techniques. She believes in the power of a genuine therapeutic relationship; healthy communication; goal setting; and a holistic approach to creating awareness, healing, and growth.

Honors & Awards

2018; Humanitarian of the Year Award, bestowed by the I’m Here For the Ladies And You for advocating women’s empowerment

2015; Amway Hero Award in the Generosity Category, recognizing the commitment one person makes to improving the world through extraordinary volunteerism or philanthropy

2014; Unsung Hero Award, given by the Westchester Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect, for outstanding achievement in protecting the safety and well-being of Westchester’s children

2014; Rising Star Award given by The Business Council of Westchester, recognizing Westchester County’s best young talents.


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