Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Amanda ensures audiences are equipped with new skills and tools to empower themselves. Her energetic, interactive, and transparent teaching approach inspires audiences to want to learn and take action!

Amanda is truly inspiring and evokes a true sense of “I CAN make a difference” in the world in big and small ways!  Amanda has the “It Factor” that draws people to listen". 

Amanda Ready gives inspiring talks to entrepreneurs, survivors of violence, educators, leaders, children, families, and people from all walks of life on how to heal and empower themselves to make positive change happen.

Ready devotes her life and career to advocating for the importance of mental health support and overall human rights. As she likes to say, she was ‘born Ready’ to do this work. She has earned numerous awards for her efforts. 

Ready works around the clock to teach and inspire others to find acceptance, peace, and clarity to create goals and take action. She has taught thousands of individuals. Click here for more on the nonprofit organizations she’s founded. 

Her presentations and workshops guide audiences to understand the power of thoughts, self-awareness, vulnerability, healthy communication, and goal setting. Ready emphasizes the importance of mental health as a catalyst for change for those seeking more peaceful and fulfilling lives.

Inspire and Empower Your Audience!

Amanda offers tailor-made keynote presentations, along with half- and full-day facilitator workshops.


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